stay hungry, stay foolish.  - steve jobs

stay hungry, stay foolish.

- steve jobs

best of the best

best of the best

Burgers – Pastis, Au Cheval Diner, Happiest Hour, Bar Sardine

Pasta – Lillia, Maialino, Lupa, Don Angie

Pizza – Prince Street, Roberta’s, Rubirosa, Sauce, Joe’s

Sushi – Bond St., Momoya, Sugarfish, Blue Ribbon

Brunch – Root & Bone, Joseph Leonard, Extra Virgin, Sadelle’s

Underrated Gems - Denino’s, Fiaschetteria Pistoia, Il Corralo Trattoria, Malatesta

Consistently good and easy to get a res - Mercer Kitchen, Osteria Morini, Lafayette, Miss Lily’s

Tapas – La Vara, Pil Pil, Toro, Salina’s

Bagels – Sadelle’s, Russ & Daughters, Essa Bagel, Black Seed

Dim Sum – Tim Ho Wan, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Kings County Imperial

Icecream – Momofuku Milk Bar, Big Gay’s Icecream, Snow Day’s Shavery

Gelato – Grom, Unico, Amorino

Greek – Kikis, Pylos, Taverna Kyclades

Middle Eastern - Balade, iLiLi

Donuts – Dough, Doughnut Plant, Doughnut Project, Doughnuttery

Wings - International Wing Factory, Wogie’s, Emily Clinton Hill, Daddy-O

Jewish Delis – 2nd Avenue, Katz, Mile End

Cookies – Levain Bakery, Milk & Cookies, Schmackary's

Dinner Date – Dante, Due West, Virginia’s, Rosemary’s

Drink Date - Ferns, Goodnight Sonny, The Ship, Anfora

Romantic - Palma, Cecconi’s Dumbo, One if by Land, Two if by Sea

Extra/Touristy but Good — Polo Bar, Catch, Beauty & Essex, Bagatelle

Mac & Cheese – Smith, Westville, Cafeteria, The Nugget Spot

Italian Sandwiches - Faiccos, Alidoro, Sanpanino, Coco Pazzo

Detroit Style Pizza - Emily, Massoni, Lions Tigers & Squares

london photos

london photos

best pasta in nyc

best pasta in nyc