stay hungry, stay foolish.  - steve jobs

stay hungry, stay foolish.

- steve jobs

juicing: my new spiritual gangster?

juicing: my new spiritual gangster?

Let me just preface with the fact that SATISFEED was born on the premise of indulging, instead of restricting (AKA the hangry life). This is precisely why I used to be so strongly opposed to the idea of cleansing. I was convinced there was no way it would a) taste good b) fill me up, plus its too expensive for not even accomplishing either of those things. I know myself, and I know that I wouldn't want to be around me if those two factors were in play.

However, there was another part of me (the spiritually hungry side) that occasionally throws around the idea of incorporating balance into my life. I'm sure you are all familiar with this feeling. In NYC it isn't hard to get agitated by the robotic routine of work and social life. It makes me desire something new and exciting to shake up my life and make me feel something. In fact, I feel like I black out during my daily commute because I'm so detached from my surroundings. I use to think, maybe I should meditate? Do yoga? Exercise more? Learn an instrument? But no, I never act on those ideas. I just get sucked back into the repetitive motions because its, well, easier.  

I finally asked myself the right question: what am I doing in excess? Because nothing in excess can be good. It didn't take me long to answer that one--eating. I don't mean that in a way that I eat large portions, in fact, I make sure not to because I'm doing it so much. But still, so much of my day is consumed by thinking about my current meals, next meals, maybe feeling guilty about them, maybe not, and then posting about it. Although food is a necessity of life (and what inspired satisfeed), I was going down this path of indulging without much consideration of health and/or consequences for my body. But it isn't just the eating part, its the fact that everyday harmful toxins enter my body via simple things like breathing, and I'm doing nothing about it.

Then after meeting some juice veterans and educators at Pure Green, I decided I should put myself up for the challenge not only for the sake of my body but to show that if I can some good to my body (and ultimately mind) anyone can. It didn't take long after my first sip for my perception to change. Immediately, the drink actually tasted good (I had to second and triple guess myself). Yes, I could taste the greens, but it didn't taste bad. All the vegetables complimented eachother perfectly, and the pinch of fruit leveled it all out. Then, without thinking, I felt myself go in for a second sip and then I knew, I was hooked. I thought, I might even finish this green thing, and I definitely never thought I'd see that day. Not only did it taste good, but I knew that a large amount nutrients were entering my body for the first time since I don't know when. That made me feel good. Then, and only then, was I finally able to see the value in juicing to achieve a sense of recharge, detox, and balance. However, it is important to note that this isn't the case for me and other juices; I've thrown out other juice brands that I've tried after one sip. This connection I found was unique to Pure Green.

Although the initial taste got me hooked, there were other significant reasons that I chose Pure Green and will strongly recommend it to all of you.

1) No matter what cleanse you choose, you are given a complimentary Pure Coach to guide you through the process and customize it to your goals.

2) The fruits and vegetables are cold pressed everyday, which means the juices are never high pressure pasteurized (essentially a food sterilizer that other juice brands use to lengthen shelf life and decrease cost).

3) Each juice was made from 3-5 pounds of fresh produce sourced from local farms.

5) It all started locally, in NYC, and is only in NYC currently. It was created for New Yorkers, by New Yorkers.

I am now confident that if someone like me -- who is always thinking about her next meal, and likes to indulge in anything and everything that tastes good -- can partake in a juice only diet for a day, anyone can. Not just for the sake of dieting, detoxing, or feeling lighter. But for the sake of your mind feeling balanced, less cluttered, and refreshed.

But, if you want to ease into this whole juice/healthy/detox thing, I recommend trying one of their smoothies or acai bowls -- super yummy and can even serve as meal replacements.

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mason jars have more fun

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